Opening microbrewery is dream come true for La Crosse residents

Microbreweries are on the rise in the U.S. and there is a new one opening up in La Crosse.

Phil Humphrey has worked in IT for more than a decade, but now he’s hoping to leave his job and brew beer for a living.

“This is a lot harder but it’s a lot more rewarding,” Humphrey said.

Like many startups and teenage bands before him, Humphrey started brewing beer in his garage.

“Wasn’t that great at the beginning,” Humphrey said.

He struggled at first, so he went looking for help on the internet.

“Listening to podcasts, talking to other brewers that I know, talking to other home brewers and just seeing how can I improve the product,” Humphrey said.

After some trial and error Humphrey now thinks his beers are ready for the public.

“This town likes beer so I’m hoping that I can be a nice addition as another craft brewery choice in town,” Humphrey said.

His wife and co-owner of 608 brewery Lorie Humphrey still can’t believe they’re about to open a brewery.

“I was like, oh this is a nice hobby, but little did I know this hobby would turn into a business,” Lorie said.

Now that Humphrey’s dream is about to become a reality he said he plans on experimenting to create unique flavors of beer.

“We’re probably not going to have the same beer rotating through all the time. It’s just going to be the beauty of the small scale is that we can constantly change it up. And you know try and do something different if it doesn’t work well you just don’t do that batch again,” Humphrey said.

608 Brewing Company opens its doors at 4 p.m. on Friday.