Open enrollment begins for Wisconsin public schools

Parents in Wisconsin have the chance to have a bigger say in the education of their kids.

The state’s public school open enrollment period started Monday and runs through April 30th.

It gives families the chance to send their kids to a public school that might better suit their needs than the one that’s determined by where they live.

This will be the 10th year of the program in Wisconsin.

School district officials in La Crosse say it helps parents make sure they can find the best fit for their kids.

“It serves as an opportunity for parents to really become more involved in the choices they’re making with regard to where they want their children to be educated,” said superintendent Randy Nelson.

While open enrollment allows parents to send their kids to other school districts, it also gives them a chance to put their child in a different school in the same district — like in the School District of La Crosse, which offers a number of non-traditional schooling options.

“Whether it’s Montessori, we’ve got charter schools, et cetera. There’s a plethora of choices that we have in our district, so it provides an opportunity for parents to look into those and determine whether they think if a program of that nature is the right program,” said Nelson.

You can find open enrollment application forms on the Department of Public Instruction’s website.