Ontario residents: “Flooding is worse than previous years”

When it comes to flood damage in Ontario, seeing is believing.

“I don’t know if I ever went to bed because I mean we had rain all night long,” said Ontario Village Board President Mark Smith.

It’s not this small town’s first rodeo with mother nature, but residents say they haven’t seen conditions this bad since a flood in 1978.

“Our fire station is supposed to be over flood level and we had 18 inches of water in the fire station,” Smith said.

The area received reports of about 12 inches of rain and counting.

Some roads were completely washed out, businesses sitting under water and parks which can barely be seen.

Smith says the storm may be unpredictable but one thing is for sure, there’s no shortage of helping hands in the community.

“We’re pretty lucky, people kind of stick together and work together and everybody will be helping everybody go find their stuff.”