One person in custody after three-county, high-speed chase Sunday

One person is in custody after a three-county, high-speed chase Sunday afternoon.

Vernon County Sheriff John Spears said a suicidal suspect led police on a chase that went through La Crosse, Vernon and Crawford counties.

Spears said the chase started in La Crosse, where the suspect sped south on Highway 35, through Vernon County.

Authorities put out road spikes near the Lansing Dike, blowing the tires on the suspect’s vehicle but the driver kept going.

Then the suspect turned on Rush Creek Road in Crawford County, drove around on back roads and got on County Road B. Authorities said eventually the suspect got back on Highway 35 and was stopped by authorities in De Soto.

“When the suspect came around the corner, he was reaching speeds of 80 miles per hour. With the news he was swerving towards oncoming traffic and officers, we attempted to do the moving road block and we were successful. He did strike the back of my squad car and we were able to pin him in and slow him down,” said Spears.

Spears said once the vehicle was stopped, the driver was taken into custody without incident.

Spears said the suspect will face charges from all three counties.

During the chase, Spears said La Crosse dispatchers were on the phone with the suspect, which helped officers find and stop the individual without incident.

Spears said the suspect tried to swerve and hit officers deploying road spikes and crossed the center line multiple times.