One on one with Governor Tony Evers

Governor calls the pandemic situation in Wisconsin "dire"

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)– Governor Tony Evers and Wisconsin Republicans are finally coming together to work on a pandemic response plan. In a story you will on see on News 8, Amy DuPont spoke one on one with Governor Evers about pandemic politics and the first step the democrat and republicans are taking together.

It can be hard to see eye to ey  from the other side of the political aisle, but when responding to a pandemic Governor Tony Evers says lawmakers don’t have a choice. Evers describes the state of the pandemic in the badger state “dire”.

More than 338-thousand Wisconsinites have tested positive for the virus and close to 3-thousand have died. Hospitalization rates are also rising, along with fears the state doesn’t have enough hospital beds or healthcare workers to meet the need. “It’s difficult for them to do their job when they are overrun. The reason they are overrun is because people are not doing the right thing.”, says Governor Evers. 

 State Republicans have not released their own pandemic response plan, but have been quick to reject Evers’ orders. The GOP sued and won to end “Safer At Home”. They are also challenging the Governor’s mask mandate. Evers stands by wearing masks, telling News 8 “It all comes back to the basics and the basics are right on our face.”

The Governor and state republican leaders did agree to a meeting. They sat down virtually Friday, November 20th. Evers says the meeting went well. “My hope is legislation could be passed and signed before the end of the year, but we have to get to the point where we are all agree and that’s why we are spending the time now.” 

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos described the meeting as productive. His statement to News 8 reads in part “I see today’s conversation as a positive step forward to finding common ground in developing a more unified state response to the coronavirus pandemic.” 

Republicans have agreed to meet with the Governor Evers again next week.

Governor Evers is also working with the Federal government to bring more healthcare workers to Wisconsin to help with pandemic response. Evers could not say how many are headed to the badger state or when they will arrive.