Elite Nutrition owner in Onalaska raises money for city’s police K-9 unit

Police K-9 units run on donations

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) — K-9s and their officers help take drugs and weapons off the streets, but these programs are funded strictly with donations.  An Onalaska business owner brewed up a nutritious way to give back to her community.

“Elite nutrition has been around for four and a half years,” said Alexis Brown, owner of Elite Nutrition. “I love it, yeah. I wouldn’t trade my job for anything else.”

Lives are built along city streets. Brown builds her life as a small business owner.

Onalaska police officer Rich Elias protects the lives cemented around him, but he doesn’t work alone.

“Officer Elias is a regular here,” Brown said.

Elias has worked with K-9 Muri for about the same time Elite Nutrition has been around.

“He’s a member of the force, member of the family – yep,” Elias said.

Muri has helped take illegal drugs and weapons off the streets 200 times and counting.

“That’s 200 instances where if we didn’t have him, they may not have went as well as they did,” Elias said.

One weapon Muri found has a lengthy history.

“Gun that came back stolen out of Seattle in 1979,” Elias said. “Imagine what kinda story that gun could tell.”

All this help requires rigorous training.

“He knows what to do. We do all that training for a reason.

“They are expensive animals and to maintain a successful program you have to be well funded,” Elias said.

“So that got me thinking,” Brown said. “What’s a great way to give back to the community?”

A new nutritious recipe comes with a dose of money for Muri.

Brown created a Muri Tea, with 25 percent of her business sales on Thursday going toward the program.

“It really, really helps our cause,” Elias said.

This money allows Muri to make a difference on Onalaska’s streets; a difference made one call at time.

“It’s keeping the streets safe,” Brown said. “It’s making sure that us as business owners are safe.”

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