Onalaska students get a taste of France

French class students experience French culture, food on field trip

A group of students got a taste of European culture Wednesday.

French class students from Onalaska High School made the trip to La Crosse restaurant Le Chateau for a traditional three-course French meal. Students had to speak French for the entire visit, which also included a tour of the historic building.

It’s a chance for students to experience French culture despite being thousands of miles from France. Le Chateau owner and manager Eva Ewers says the students were nervous at the start of the trip, but eventually warmed up to the experience.

“At first it was a little shy, but they got used to it,” said Ewers. “At the end of the meal we always sit down and interact, and they’re not too shy at the end of the meal.”

Onalaska senior Michaela Todd says the trip gave them a chance to experience the culture without going too far from home.

“I think it’s really cool, because we can’t actually go to Paris or to France, the whole class, so it’s cool to be able to experience that near where our school is,” said Todd.

This was the second year students from Onalaska High School visited Le Chateau.