Onalaska School District installs new Ho-Chunk land markers

ONALASKA (WKBT) — The school district of Onalaska installed new Ho-Chunk land and heritage markers at all three of their elementary schools.

The district equity committee first discussed the idea a couple years back.

Along with members of the Ho-Chunk nation, the idea came to life.

The school district is proud of the work and collaboration of the markers.

Onalaska School District wants their students to be educated on the land their schools sit on.

“As we continue to learn and grow it’s our honor and our duty to ensure that we are educating our students with the most accurate information we have at the time and that we teach our students we are life long learners,” said principal of Northern Hills Elementary, Lisch Olson. “All of us.”

The middle and high school have their markers on display indoors and plan to install them outside at a later date.