Onalaska School District expands summer school program to help pandemic weary students catch up

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT)- Governor Tony Evers says Wisconsin students need to catch up. During a virtual WisPolitics.com luncheon, Evers suggested school districts offer summer school or start early this fall, to help pandemic weary kids who fell behind while learning virtually. “Whether that’s summer school or making sure that next year we maybe even start early, we have to look at all options.”, says Evers. 

The Onalaska school district is beefing up summer school programs. In addition to traditional classes in July, students K-8 will also have the option of enrolling in June and August classes. “Our goal is to fill as much of the summer months with options for parents as possible, and then start the school year at the traditional time.”, says Superintendent Todd Antony.

Enrollment will start soon. The school district is hoping for high attendance. La Crosse Education Association President John Havlicek worries there won’t be enough staff willing to spend their summer in the classroom.I think you’re going to have trouble finding teachers to teach it this year, because this is incredibly stressful.”, says Havlicek. 

The Onalaska district is surveying its staff. If needed, the superintendent says he will hire new grads and educators from outside the district. “We are very hopeful we will have adequate staff.”, says Antony. The Onalaska program is free and completely optional.