Onalaska school district completes ALICE training

School district learns more about diffusing armed intruder situations

A local school district is learning how to be better prepared for a scary situation.

The Onalaska School District is wrapping up a two-day ALICE training course, which teaches schools proactive strategies to stop an armed intruder or active shooter.

“ALICE” stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.

The program is designed to educate teachers and administrators how to react in the time between when a dangerous situation begins and when law enforcement arrives on the scene.

“The traditional model of a lockdown is you get down in a corner and you be quiet and stay there, and statistics and research has proven that’s not always the way to guarantee safety,” said Onalaska Middle School principal Jed Kees. “The training kind of opened our eyes to a lot of the options that you can do and that statistically can save more lives and reduce casualties.”

Other school districts in the area, including the La Crosse School District, are also looking into the program.