Onalaska Middle School students raise Pennies for Patients


ONALASKA, Wis. — One local middle school learned how quickly pennies can add up. The Pennies for Patients campaign raised more than $4,000 at the Onalaska Middle School in just two weeks.

Wednesday, the money was presented to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Wisconsin.

The 650 students raised the money through theme days, popcorn sales, and donations.

The money will go to help local families including one of the school’s teachers whose daughter is battling leukemia. “They have helped us directly by giving us money and covering some of our transportation needs as we take Raylin to the doctor.  We counted it up and within a year we have made 75 trips to the doctor,” says teacher Nicole Cooksey.

Raylin was diagnosed with leukemia about a year ago, but if things keep going well with her treatments, she’ll be cancer free in 16 months.

This is the second year the school has taken part in the Pennies for Patients project nearly tripling last year’s fundraising total.