Onalaska mayor reflects on 2013, looks forward to 2014

Onalaska Mayor Joe Chilsen said there was a lot of economic development, and broadening of the tax base in 2013.

This year also featured the start of a number of projects, especially new businesses. 

The mayor says there were some bumps along the way, such as the lengthy debate over the Cultural and Tourism center location, and the transition to automated trash pick-up. But he’s excited those issues have been worked out, so 2014 can start on the right path. 

“I’m looking forward to more movement on the waterfront, I’m looking at, again, the commercial, broadening the tax base, improvement of the streets, which we’re going to put a significant investment in our streets this year,” Mayor Chilsen said.

Mayor Chilsen is also hopeful to see collaboration through the county in areas like fire departments… public works and tourism.