Onalaska man sentenced for role in shooting

An Onalaska man is sentenced to nine years in prison for his involvement in a shooting over a Facebook feud.

Ramon T. Washington, 19, was convicted of recklessly endangering safety, misdemeanor bail jumping and felony bail jumping.

Washington was arrested with three other people in April 2017 after a report of a shooting on State Street in La Crosse. Washington was accused of threatening a woman on Facebook before the shooting.

On Monday, he was sentenced to seven years for first degree recklessly endangering safety. Three years must be spent in custody and four years may be spent under extended supervision. He will receive 321 days credit for that time.

Washington was also sentenced to four months in jail for misdemeanor bail jumping. However, that will run concurrently with the previous charge.

The teen was also sentenced to two years in prison for felony bail jumping. One of those years may be under extended supervision. This will run consecutive to the other charges.

Washington has twenty days to file an appeal.