Onalaska man arrested for battery, threatening Holmen officer

Jeremy Sinclair
Jeremy Sinclair

An Onalaska man is facing multiple charges after threatening and attacking a Holmen Police Officer early Tuesday morning.

According to an incident report, Officer Inglett was attacked and threatened following a traffic incident yesterday. The suspect, Jeremy Sinclair, ignored the officer’s requests to stop after he walked away from his vehicle, which was stuck in a snow bank.

“You better stop”, Sinclair said to the officer as he approached him. Sinclair raised his hand in an attempt to strike the officer and jabbed his left elbow into his chest. After multiple attempts to arrest him, the officer threatened to tase Sinclair to which he immediately put his hands behind his back.

Sinclair became belligerent and continued to yell obscenities as officers placed him in a squad car. The suspect smashed his head against the window and kicked Officer Inglett in the chest.

According to the report, Sinclair continued to verbally abuse officers, emergency responders and hospital staff when being treated for his injuries. When Officer Inglett took him to the La Crosse County Jail, Sinclair threatened, “Everyone in your life is in jeopardy, I’ll tell yea that.”

Sinclair is facing the following charges; battery to law enforcement, disorderly conduct, bail jumping, threats to injure and damage to property.