Onalaska looking for community feedback on 20 year plan

The community will give feedback through a public survey unveiled Wednesday

Back in 2005 Onalaska created a 20 year plan for the future of the city.

Now ten years later the city’s long-range planning committee is trying to update the plan with input it received from a public survey.

The plan deals with everything from transportation to city housing.

The committee created a draft which they unveiled to the public tonight.

It’s now up to the public to give feedback on the plan to help reshape their city.

Onalaska Planner Zoning Inspector Katie Meyer says, “Essentially it’s an opportunity for the community to figure out where we want to go, how do we want to grow, in what areas, where do we want people to live, where can we redevelop?”

You can see the plan and give feedback on the city’s website at www.cityofonalaska.com.