Onalaska home now has Tesla’s Solarglass roof

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) – A man in Onalaska has a brand new roof.

Not just any roof, Tesla’s new Solarglass roof.

This style of solar energy replaces regular solar panels by having the shingles act as solar panels instead.

They replace regular asphalt shingles and blend right into the house.

The Solarglass might be Tesla’s product, but local companies like Ledegar Roofing and Olson Solar Energy have to help install the product.

The product is expected to last 25 years and comes with a full warranty.

“The roof itself had no solar, there are solar panels outback like a yard mount system, but now he’ll have a solar roof to replace the asphalt shingles,” said Ledegar Roofing project manager, Zeke Koonce.

Both the homeowner and the roofing company say that this is just the second Solarglass roof installed in the midwest.

The other isn’t too far away, because it’s located in West Salem.