Onalaska, Holmen discuss cooperative boundary plan

Two communities in the La Crosse area are working together to plan their future growth.

Administrators in the City of Onalaska and Village of Holmen are working on a plan to figure out which parts of the surrounding area each could potentially annex in the future.

The plan would also make County Road OT the official dividing line between Onalaska and Holmen. Right now, the road is an unofficial boundary between the two.

The hope is that the cooperative plan will mean fewer legal headaches in the future as both Onalaska and Holmen continue to grow.

“There aren’t agreements like this in the state, not very many. And this is certainly the first of its kind in Western Wisconsin. So this is really something to be proud of, that we’re changing the way government is doing business and trying to be more collaborative with adjacent municipalities,” said Onalaska Land Use and Development Dir. Brea Grace.

Both Onalaska and Holmen will be taking public comments on the proposed deal for the next 20 days.

The proposed plan would last for 10 years if it’s approved by the Onalaska City Council and Holmen Village Board.