Onalaska High School students in France during attack

Group to stay in North West part of France for trip

Some local students are in France during these tragic times.

Onalaska High School’s French class took 13 students and two teachers to France on Tuesday for their biennial school sponsored trip. The group was in Paris at the time of the attack.

The high school principal says the first thing he did when he heard about the attack was check the group’s itinerary. The school uses a program that informs both parents and staff about when and where the students are throughout the trip.

“So this morning, at about four A-M my cellphone pinged with the update, ‘Don’t worry. Everyone is fine. Kids are having a great trip. This is approximately 12 hours away from where we’re staying. We won’t be in that region,'” said Onalaska High School Principal Jared Schaffner.

The group is staying in the North West part of France for the duration of their trip.