Onalaska High School filled with song and dance for annual show choir competition

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT)- Onalaska High School is being filled with song and dance for their 35th annual show choir classic competition.

The event had schools from all across Wisconsin and even had teams from Minnesota and Iowa.

There were competitions for classic choir and show choir.

Even though the event is at Onalaska High School, their show choir is not a part of the competition.

“Host schools never compete at their own competition. and that does a couple of things, it doesn’t put so much stress on the students, and the other thing is it would be awkward if the judges were to either score you really high or really low at your own competition people would be like well that’s odd,” said Onalaska High School Choir Director, Richard Moses.

The event also included a middle school show choir competition.