Onalaska grad returns to Coulee Region on comedy tour

Shane Mauss is working all the kinks out of his hour-long stand-up comedy routine before he records a TV special later this month.

Mauss grew up in the Coulee Region.  He graduated from high school in Onalaska, moved to Boston, and later pursued a career in comedy.

He has been on “Conan” several times, and has even done his own half-hour special on Comedy Central.

On Wednesday night he was back in the Coulee Region.  He performed in front of a sold-out crowd at La Crosse’s Cavalier Theatre.  His act for the La Crosse crowd is the same one he’ll be taping for TV.

The hour-long special is a major milestone for Mauss, who has been through all the same rough patches many people hoping for a career in entertainment face.

“This is really the reward I get for all of the hard work of sitting, writing the jokes, going to open mics, trying out things,” says Mauss.  “A lot of it just fails.  It’s just a lot of trial and error.  You never know what’s going to work and what’s not.  So you cut things out, you tweak things, you change things, and you put all that work in.  So I feel this is really my reward, getting to shoot the hour special.”

The special will be recorded in Boston.  When it’s done the production company will sell it to a TV network.

After his part in the special is finished, Mauss heads to Scotland, where he’ll perform the same stand-up routine for 30 days straight at the world’s biggest comedy festival.

He says he loves coming back to the La Crosse area.. in the summer.