Onalaska girl wins county library’s summer reading medallion hunt

An Onalaska girl is the lucky winner of a library medallion hunt.

The hunt is part of the La Crosse County Library summer reading program called “Get a Clue.”

The summer readers earn clues to where the medallion is hidden by reading books.

13-year old Ellie Solberg was this summer’s winner. She was presented with a $100 check Thursday. 

Ellie says once she got all the clues, it took her about an hour to find the medallion.

She says the hunt gave her a chance to explore her community.

“It’s really fun and if you don’t know where places are, you can kind of learn more about your community and where the places are and maybe you’ll discover some new places to go to,” said Ellie.

This summer, about 1,500 kids took part in the county’s summer reading program.