Onalaska Fire Department educates people about fire safety

Event part of Fire Prevention Awareness Week

It’s Fire Prevention Awareness week so fire departments all across the nation are taking time to teach people the importance of fire safety.

Onalsaka’s fire department says fire safety starts right in your home or business.

They’re reminding people to change the batteries in their smoke detectors and to keep their door shut while they sleep. These techniques may seem small but the department says they’re meant to help you keep you alive in case a fire does happen.

“I base my whole 20 year career here in Onalaska on thinking if we save one life on from the education of children or one member of a family’s life because of something we did, then all the efforts are worth it,” said Onalaska Fire Department Assistant Chief Troy Gudie.

Gudie also said to stay safe you should have a fire detector and every room and every level of your home.