Onalaska bait shop demolition begins

Demolition uncovers items of interest

Pieces of our past were being uncovered as crews worked to open up Onalaska’s waterfront.

City workers started demolition on the old bait shop building along Highway 35 Monday morning.

The original plan was to tear down the building and replace it with a new cultural and tourism center but that idea was thrown out earlier this year. The city is back to the drawing board on that and they decided to continue on with the demolition as scheduled.

An archeologist was on hand for the dig. You may remember when they dug up the neighboring Highway 35 they uncovered a number of remains and other items of interests. Already they’ve uncovered an old septic system, some sort of fuel tank, and possible ancient human remains.

“Too early to tell what exactly is happening or what we’re going to do, but it does look like they’re going to invest some time and effort in the archeological work you see behind us,” said Onalaska City Engineer Jarrod Holter.

The Great River Trail is open while the demolition is underway. They’re hoping to wrap the project up on Friday.