Onalaska Art Keepers unveil new plaque at Great River Landing

ONALASKA (WKBT)- Onalaska’s Great River Landing has a new welcome feature thanks to a nonprofit dedicated to the arts.

The Onalaska Art Keepers dedicated a brand-new ceramic plaque to compliment the nearby “Nature’s Backyard” sculpture on Monday night.

It’s a ceramic plaque with a back-lit stained glass frame made by Onalaska artists, and it includes an interactive music box that plays a recording of the “Nature’s Backyard” song.

The Art Keepers’ artistic director says the song is to the tune of John Denver’s “Country Road”, something Denver’s estate almost didn’t allow.

“And they finally got back to me and said, ‘Typically we would totally deny this. That would be our typical thing. But because it is artwork in a beautiful setting on the lake–John loved nature and loved artwork–so I know he would love it, so we’ll let you go ahead,'” said Joyce Diveleye, artistic director for the Onalaska Art Keepers.

Diveley said the group is exploring some mural projects and a rocking horse sunfish for next year.