Oktoberfest Royalty tours the community

Oktoberfest Royalty are making their rounds all over the area, continuing the celebrations of Oktoberfest.

This year’s Festmaster, Miss and Mrs. Oktoberfest, Parade Marshals, and Special Fester bring a piece of their own life into these tours, showing their appreciation and bringing the Oktoberfest spirit to the community.

They could be heard singing aloud at Northern Hills Elementary in Onalaska on Tuesday, “We’re having a party! We’re having a party! An Oktoberfest party! An Oktoberfest party!”

Throughout the rest of this week, ending their tour on Sunday, Oct. 6, polka music, dancing, and speeches by each Oktoberfest Royalty member will fill schools and senior living centers across our area.

2019 Festmaster, Terry Cowgill, says this has been the highlight of his Oktoberfest Royalty experience.

“The previous fest people told us this would be the best week, and as great as (Oktober)fest is, this has just been phenomenal,” said Cowgill.

Oktoberfest Royalty has dozens of other visits, including Aquinas High School, State Road Elementary and many other nursing homes.

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