Oktoberfest officials move Festmaster’s Ball to August

Ball will be held before Oktoberfest

We’ll be finding out who the new Oktoberfest festmaster is a little earlier than usual this year.

Oktoberfest is moving its annual Festmaster’s Ball from the Friday during Oktoberfest to more than a month before the Fest on August 26th.

Organizers say the change is being made in order to make the Festmaster and Frau the first members of the Royal Family to be announced, instead of the last.

“It was hard for that Festmaster to go halfway through that Oktoberfest celebration and be introduced at that midway point, so it gives them an oppportunity to enjoy and experience the whole Fest,” said Oktoberfest operations manager Courtney Daniels.

Organizers say they hope more members of the community will be able to attend the ball now that it won’t be held during the Fest.