Oktoberfest gets underway with tapping of the Golden Keg, Edelweiss Parade

Everyone’s a little bit German over Oktoberfest weekend in La Crosse.

The festivities started early Friday morning with the annual Edelweiss Parade, which included many of the Oktoberfest royal family.

They started down at Riverside Park and marched all the way to the Southside fest grounds for the tapping of the Golden Keg. Thousands waited in line all morning for beer from the annual tradition. Many consider the opening ceremony as the unofficial start to the Oktoberfest weekend. There past and present Oktoberfest family members were introduced to the crowd.

The president of Oktoberfest says his main focus is making sure people have a good time.

“Well, I think the interesting thing is we worked really hard on what I call a customer experience, making sure people don’t have to wait in line very often,  we changed a few things up, and we think people are moving around having a good time,” said Kevin Buelow.

This year marks the 55th Oktoberfest in La Crosse.