Officials in La Crosse County hope to hear concerns during annual address

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)– Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers will lay out his priorities during his ‘State of the State’ address Wednesday night.

We know some of what Governor Evers will be talking about as he released part of the transcript from his planned remarks before the address. Many of the topics Governor Tony Evers plans on discussing will be follow up from his 2019 address, like water.

For years La Crosse county has been dealing with high levels of nitrates and bacteria in groundwater.

“And now we have the PFAs as an issue across the board. So definitely I’m hoping the governor will address that issue,” said Monic Kruse, 1st Vice-Chair for the La Crosse County Board of Supervisors.

She especially hopes to hear about funding for roads.

“Roads have not magically fixed themselves,” Kruse said.

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat said they’re been working through the backlog of repairs. However, there are a number of streets not in the five-year plan or need repairs sooner. He’d like to see the governor increase those resources.

“I look forward to the Governor trying to push again to increase the level of resource and to really trying to work with the locals to get those resources to where the most critical needs are.”

It’s this relationship between the state and local government that concerns Kruse. She says state officials sometimes seem adverse to their innovative ideas– like the Premiere Resort AreaTax.

“That was overwhelmingly supported by our citizens but the state has not done anything about that,” Kruse said.

Kabat would also like support for local homeless prevention initiatives with more affordable housing and case managers as people transition from homeless to permanent housing.

“It’s been a little bit frustrating to see even with the funding being approved, the legislature is still delaying the release of those funds. I think if we can get those moved forward, that would be a good thing for all communities,” Kabat said.

For Kruse, she’d like to see the state tackle climate change with plans to get away from fossil fuels and torward sustainable energy. That would include wind power and solar energy options.

“All those things need to be looked at more seriously and a more effective way than what have done so far,”Kruse said.

Not only are they looking for how the state plans to pay for these issues, but comprehensive strategies with long term solutions.

Governor Ever’s address will be streamed live here.