Officers wrangle an emu in West Salem, and the feathers were flying!

Officers faced off with a bird that is 6 feet tall, 85 pounds and has vertical leap of 7 feet!

WEST SALEM, Wis. (WKBT) Most of us don’t necessarily love going to the dentist, but for one La Crosse area woman it was a very entertaining experience Wednesday afternoon.
Kirsten Gamoke saw something running past the window as she sat in the dentist chair at Allen Dental in West Salem.

It was an officer chasing after a very large bird — an emu!

La Crosse County sheriff’s deputies and the West Salem police department responded when it was reported an emu was on the loose.

This was no small task. An emu is about 6 feet tall, weighs 85 pounds and can run 30 miles per hour.
But one La Crosse County deputy managed to wrangle this one and, with the help of the Coulee Region Humane Society, returned it to its owner.

Officers confirmed that no handcuffs were used, but they did put a jacket over the big bird’s head to try to keep it calm.

The emu’s owner said it had escaped from its pen earlier  in the day and had traveled about 8 miles before being captured.

It turns out this emu is named “Marilyn” (as in Marilyn Monroe) and is just 14 months old.

The owner says she’s doing fine although Marilyn suffered a couple of minor rope burns.

The owners are busy adding another 2 feet to the height of Marilyn’s pen to prevent another “feather-flying” incident in the future.