Officers pay it forward — with doughnuts, of course!

Police officers and doughnuts … a love affair that dates back prior to the 1950s. But these Florida cops aren’t hogging them all for themselves.

Dozens of doughnuts made a roughly 200-mile journey after they were stolen from a Krispy Kreme shop in Lake City, Florida, according to Clearwater Police.

The trail of the donut robbers ran cold at Crest Lake Park in Clearwater, Florida where police recovered the stolen vehicle. Now, the officers had a new case to solve: What to do with the “dozens of delicious donuts”?

Eat them, of course! While police say the Krispy Kreme store manager told them to keep the doughnuts, they decided to donate most of them. The cops brought the donuts to a homeless feeding station that takes place near the Clearwater Police station each night.

The officers captured a few photos from the sweet exchange, which were posted to Clearwater Police’s Facebook page.