Number of applicants at Viterbo University spikes this year


LA CROSSE, Wis.– The number of students applying to Viterbo University in La Crosse is way up this year.  The Dean of Admissions says they’ve received nearly 1600 applications for the fall semester, an increase of 19% from last year.

They’re also looking at a potential 8% growth in the number of people who actually enroll at the school.

One of the things Viterbo has done this year is broaden its recruitment territory.  In turn, they’ve seen a 200% increase in applications from the state of Illinois alone.

“I think part of the explosion in applications to schools is that 15 years ago students were applying to 1,2 maybe 3 schools and now they’re applying to 15, trying to make sure they get into their first choice, but having many options in case they don’t,” says Viterbo’s Dean of Admissions Robert Forget.

Over at UW-La Crosse, preliminary numbers show they’re looking at the largest freshman class for the Fall, excluding international students, since the late 80’s.