Northside Elementary aims to become a ‘trauma-informed’ school

Many kids in the area go through problems at home that can affect how they do in the classroom. Now one local school is hoping to learn how to better serve those kids.

Northside Elementary in La Crosse is receiving multiple grants to help turn itself into a trauma-informed school.

With the funding, the school will look at the ways they currently handle situations with kids who may be going through a hard time at home and come up with more effective ways to help them.

“Trauma or difficulties happen in any child’s life — or anybody’s life — all the time, unfortunately,” said Northside Elementary Principal Laura Huber. “We can’t really protect our children from it all, but what we can do as a school is to respond to it in ways that help the child heal, and even reach out to the family and help the family heal.”

Huber says she anticipates the methods they’ll develop could eventually be passed on to other schools in the district.

The project is being funded by a $10,000 grant by the Franke Foundation and a separate $4,000 grant by the La Crosse Public Education Foundation.