Norris Thomas visits Boys and Girls Club

Thomas talks about homeless childhood

A UW-La Crosse alum visited the Boys and Girls Club to talk about his life, and it’s quite the story.

Some of you may know Norris Thomas as a former New York Giants player, but Friday he talked about his journey from homelessness to the NFL.

Thomas lived in a Milwaukee homeless shelter as a child, but through hard work and perseverance he became a two sport All-American and National Champion in both football and track at UWL.

By explaining the hardships in his own life, Thomas hopes he can drive these kids towards a better future.

“It covers a wide range of age groups, a wide range of professions and so on, and at the end of a lot of my presentations people just come up and say, ‘You know, I’m accomplished. I’m an author, I’m a doctor and so on, but I never knew my father,’ so it’s a really big deal,” said Motivational Speaker Norris Thomas.

Thomas will be returning to La Crosse on September 7th for his ‘Leadership with Power’ event.