Noise disturbance proposal in La Crosse withdrawn

A proposal for new noise restrictions in downtown La Crosse goes silent Wednesday.

The two city council members proposing stricter standards for noise downtown, James Cherf and Richard Becker, withdrew their proposal.

The proposed ordinance stated you could be in violation if someone heard the noise 100 feet away at any time in a residential area, or at any time from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m in commercial areas. The ordinance also prohibited “yelling, shouting or hooting” at any time or place that disturbs a “reasonable person of normal sensitivities.”

Those opposing the idea thought the new guidelines were not reasonable for a downtown business area.

City Council member David Krump opposed the proposal saying, “it’s a vaguely, poorly written ordinance for which there has been no public demand.”

Cherf said the proposal was not intended to reign in any nightlife, but rather provide a more understandable standard for what’s too loud.

No other noise ordinance is being proposed at this time.