No traffic deaths in La Crosse Co. so far this year

Last year saw fewest traffic deaths since WWII

Fewer people died on La Crosse County roads in 2013, even though there was still an average number of crashes.

In fact, last year had the lowest number of traffic deaths since World War Two. That trend has continued into this year.

No one has died on La Crosse Co. roads so far in 2014.

Transportation officials credit that to the harsh winter. “Whenever you have a really harsh winter, such as the first quarter of this year, the traffic numbers are up a lot more in terms of crashes, but the actual severity of the injuries is down,” said Bob Bott from the State Bureau of Transportation Safety.

One thing those officials are worried about is people involved in minor accidents who get out of their cars, then get hit by a passing car.

They say the best practice is for people to stay buckled up in their car and call for help.