NFHS releases recommendations for reopening high school sports

As we await the WIAA’s next board meeting in June, the National Federation of State High School Associations has published some guidelines for organizations to consider when reopening high school sports in the future.

These guidelines outline three phases of reopening. Phase one recommends gatherings of no more than 10 people, workouts conducted in smaller groups, and no locker room usage. It also recommends that no one should be throwing or tossing a ball that other people will touch, so essentially no sports practices or competitions happen in this phase.

In phase 2, only groups of 10 can happen inside, and groups of 50 outside. This is when low risk sports are recommended to open, which include individual track and field events, individual swimming,
golf, weightlifting, and cross country.

In phase three, moderate risk sports can begin, and high risk sports would be re-assessed.
Moderate risk sports include intermittent close contact, and the organization lists basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, gymnastics, hockey, tennis, swimming relays, and pole vault.
As for high risk sports, those would be wrestling and football, where respiratory droplets would be easily passed between athletes.

The WIAA is not obligated to follow these NFHS guidelines, but received a statement from the WIAA that said these NFHS guidelines are consistent with what the WIAA is discussing for their own return.