Next Oktoberfest Festmaster to be revealed this weekend

We’re just about a month from the start of Oktoberfest, and soon we’ll know who will be leading this year’s fest.

The next Festmaster will be revealed on Saturday night at the Festmaster’s Ball.

The Ball has traditionally been held as part of Oktoberfest week, but organizers moved it to before the fest to allow the Festmaster to lead the Royal Family for the entire event.

“In the past, the Festmaster was the last person introduced, so we had to rethink, would it make more sense to have the Festmaster first, and then he’ll be there for the introduction of each of the rest of the royal family,” said 2015 Festmaster and Oktoberfest Trustees chair Jerry Kember.

The rest of the Royal Family will be announced in the coming weeks leading up to the Fest.

This year’s Oktoberfest starts on September 28th.