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Jersey Shore town to crack down on the ‘mere existence of any kind of alcohol’ on beach and boardwalk

(CNN) — Officials in New Jersey are banning the possession of alcohol on a popular beach and boardwalk after city commissioners unanimously… Read more

These women wanted a symbolic expression of self-love. So they married themselves

(CNN) — Brittany Rist walked down the aisle in a dress and a white veil to the song, “Girl.” Read more

Indian official drains reservoir to retrieve phone dropped while taking selfie

(CNN) — A government official in India who drained a reservoir to retrieve a phone he dropped while taking a selfie has been suspended from… Read more

Polls open in Turkey’s historic presidential runoff

(CNN) — Polls have opened in Turkey’s presidential runoff as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan fights for a historic third term on Sunday.  Read more

At least 3 people killed and 5 people wounded in shooting at motorcycle rally in Red River, New Mexico, mayor says

(CNN) — Multiple people were shot and at least three people were killed at a motorcycle rally in Red River, New Mexico, on Saturday, Red Ri… Read more

Russia targets Kyiv with largest drone attack of conflict, killing one

(CNN) — Russia launched its largest drone attack of the conflict yet on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, leaving one person dead and sparking fires … Read more

Wind energy has a massive waste problem. New technologies may be a step closer to solving it

(CNN) — Wind turbines are built to last. Their tall bodies are topped with long fiberglass blades, some more than half a football field in … Read more

Biden and McCarthy race to sell their debt ceiling deal to lawmakers before the government runs out of money

Wilmington, Delaware (CNN) — The “agreement in principle” clinched by House Republicans and the White House late Saturday to raise the nati… Read more

Here’s what’s in the debt ceiling deal

(CNN) — After several weeks of tense negotiations, President Joe Biden and House Republicans have reached an agreement in principle to rais… Read more