Valley View Mall pushing for local businesses

Valley View Mall pushing for local...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - La Crosse's Valley View Mall may now be attracting more than just shoppers.

Popular cupcake shop addiecakes now sits in the heart of the mall, attracting shoppers and non shoppers alike for its sweet treats.

But it may be the start of something new at the mall.

"It's actually a great time for us because we kind of get to sit back and look at what we want to become over the next three to five years," said the mall's marketing director Laurie Cafe.

With at least half a dozen local businesses already at the mall, leasing representatives are working to attract more local business owners.

"It's a different perspective and I just really want to focus on getting different concepts and different uses and not having such an over saturated market," said leasing specialist Libby Parr

Parr says the push for local businesses is a way to bring more unique places to the mall which may not often be seen at shopping centers.

Addiecakes is one of those places and Parr says so far the response has been promising.

Addiecakes owner says her downtown location is seeing success and being at the mall will hopefully add to that.

"That was one of the biggest pushes for us to be able to open up in the mall because it's just a much more convenient location and the reach for so many more people is there," said Addie Tourville.

Cafe says representatives and leasing specialists will continue to work on bringing more local businesses to the mall.

"I think that you'll see that with the changing of the shopping center and the different types of businesses coming in, I think you're going to see a little bit more of a pull of that local business," said Laurie Cafe.


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