U.S. Representative Ron Kind introduces Mississippi River conservation bill

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Congressman Ron Kind is trying to get assurance that this area's greatest natural resource will be protected for years to come.

Kind revealed the Mississippi River Action plan Monday during a stop at La Crosse's Nelson Park.

It calls for improvements to river infrastructure and conservation within the federal Farm Bill. The legislation would also invest more into the 'Upper Mississippi River Restoration' program, while creating jobs through river recreation, tourism, and navigation.

"I'm trying to elevate the priority of the Mississippi River and the entire watershed area  out on Congress, and I think we're long past due to make sure that this river is receiving the attention that so many other important ecosystems do throughout  our country,” said Kind. 

The entire Mississippi River has an estimated economic impact of more than $580-billion.

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