Trempealeau County D.A. says recent accusations are misleading, false

Trempealeau County D.A. says recent...

WHITEHALL, Wis. (WKBT) - The Trempealeau County District Attorney says recent accusations about his work performance are misleading.

DA Taavi McMahon held a press conference Wednesday afternoon, explaining why each accusation is not as it seems from his perspective.

McMahon says he did close his office for the funeral of another DA, but gave his staff the choice of attending the funeral or working remotely. McMahon says he did not suspend an employee when they objected to closing the office, but the employee was placed on paid administrative leave by another county department.

The DA also says other allegations, such as lying to the court about requesting a special prosecutor and personal use of an office computer, are not true.

"I answer to the people of Trempealeau County. I do not answer to the County Board. I do not answer to their committees. I answer only to the people. Every 4 years the people of this county vote on who will be their next District Attorney,” said McMahon.

The Trempealeau County's executive finance committee sent a letter to Governor Scott Walker earlier this year, raising the concerns about McMahon. The County Board also requested McMahon resign earlier this week, but the DA denied that request.

The County Board was not available for comment.

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