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Mississippi Valley Conservancy hosts Trail Trek Challenge

First ever event

A new fundraising competition got participants out on some of the area's trails Sunday.

The Mississippi Valley Conservancy held the first ever Trail Trek Challenge.

Each of the 14 teams competed on different trails, with everyone competing on the last trail.

At the end, the competitors combined their race time and the amount of money they raised determined a winner.

Event organizers said the money raised goes to help preserve more land in the area.

"It means that the birds and the butterflies will have a place live and that native plants will have a habitat that they can live on,” said Carol Abrahamzon, executive director for the Mississippi Valley Conservancy. “It also means that children for generations to come will have a places that they can get out and enjoy nature in."

The group hopes to raise $5,000-$10,000 from the event.

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