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Holmen Festival Foods project highlights growing area

Building expected to be complete in October

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) - The Village of Holmen is growing, thanks in part to a number of new developments in the area.

The new Festival Foods project on Hale Drive in Holmen is one of several projects going on in the area.

Business leaders say the new developments are due to the influx of people moving there, which they don't think will slow down any time soon.

Around Holmen, excitement is buzzing for the new 67,000-square foot Festival Foods.

"We're also going to have a tot spot, we've never had an in-store tot spot,” said store manager Mark Przywojski.

The Festival Foods project is just one of several in the area.

"To the east of our store, we have the Suites on Hale Drive, that's going to kind of be like a mini mall,” Przywojski said. “There's going to be a beautiful new Kwik Trip store in our parking lot."

The president of the Holmen Business Association said the village has had a remarkable transformation in just a short period of time.

"It wasn't very long ago that there was actually a time when I needed wrapping paper and there was no place to buy that in Holmen,” said Ryan Rugroden.

The room to grow is what is making Holmen so attractive.

"La Crosse and Onalaska are running out of room. So Holmen has a lot of room. We have five more subdivisions opening in Holmen,” Rugroden said. “(There’s) two more in the town of Holland, which is just outside of Holmen."

And that population growth is leading to a boom in business.

"Business are realizing that a community of 9,000 plus that's going to be growing like that can certainly support their businesses,” Rugroden said.

With the new Festival Foods soon to be complete, store leaders said it makes Holmen a destination.

"With this store and this development, we're really going to arrive at that place,” said Przywojski said.
As for the current Festival building, there is still no word yet on what will fill the space.

Store managers said the building is still for sale.

The new Festival Foods building is expected to be open on Oct. 6.

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