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Flood damage in Mcgregor and Prairie...

The latest list of road and other closings for Thursday, July 20th


July 24, 2017

AS OF 08:00 am the following road damages have been reported to the County Emergency Management Office:

Town of Shelby
Breidel Coulee Road at Evergreen Lane bridge closed.  Open but will need work.

Town of Farmington
A. Craig road is closed
Hippler Hill Road has damage, but is believed to be open
Town crews have NOT been able to access Herman Coulee Road or the Wet Coulee Hill
County DE at 108 and 108 Open
Portions of County Roads C (near CTH A), Q (near CTH C) are damaged
Wenzel Road and Hwy T – Numerous slide offs
Wanlass Road from Radio Tower to Hwy T – Closed due to mudslide.

Town of Greenfield
Schmaltz road, shoulder damage to pavement, mud over back part of road
Water to bridge deck on Mormon Coulee creek
Doll Road, rutted, damage to pavement
Schieche road, water damage to shoulder to pavement, two bridges lost rip rap stone
Ober road, large boulders on road, creek over the road the road should damage
Kammel Coulee road spillway damage road closed at Town line intersection with Washington Tsp.
Temp road water over road debris damage
Kriebich road, debris over road
Valley Wood Spring, Culvert damage Birchview Cirle
All roads passable except Kammel but need plowing for debris

Town of Bangor
County Road II at County Road I is closed due to a bridge failure

Town of Barre
Nearly all driveways on Drechtrah Coulee Road are washed out
8’ culvert completely destroyed near Sofia Lane

Town of Onalaska
Road edges washed out on Sobkowiak Road and most of the Apple Valley Neighborhood
2nd Street in Midway water is coming into homes
Miller Road off County M has been reported as Gone.
N6527 Forest Court Culvert washed away
Forest Court undermined and washed underneath near N6651 forest Court (3 feet wide x 2-3 deep)
Shoulder of Forest Court washed most of road length 1+ foot deep by approx. 400 yards
Forest Court Cul-de-sac shoulder washed 2 foot wide by 2 feet deep x 15 feet long
W6259 Valley Place culvert in driveway fire number washed over (signing is laying)
Pinewood Wood in rear of Wildwood is completely washed out and undermining power post (water is still running, just not where there is supposed to be)
Pinewood cul-de-sac half of is missing
Oakwood Court undermine of road back 1 foot, and 2 feet off road edge 120 feet long
Wildwood roundabouts all need gravel due to washing –2nd and 3rd roundabout gravel missing on top of culverts
3rd roundabout is under minded and expanding
Willow Wood Court 3 feet X 2 feet x 40 feet long shoulder washed
Wildwood Valley Road mudslide across road
Al Harris Sweden Coulee Road water in garden and water in house W4858 Sweden Coulee Road  ( 3 culverts)
Miller Road off County M entire road washed away
Mohican Trail mud on road washed from hill to the east (bladed off)
Thunderbird addition street signs washed away
W5931 Schultz Lane side has washed out starting to undermine underneath
Storm water ditch is washed out across from W5931 Schultz
Sobkowiak Road trees over and road edges
New culvert on Sobkowiak road washes on upper side of culvert
Sobkowiak Road edges both sides of County S edges are washed out
Marvin Gardens off Sobkowiak Road Bridge washed out
N5340 Sobkowiak Road culvert has dirt and gravel washed across driveway , has gravel and asphalt in his yard
Abnet Road trees
Koss Road 3 trees
Three Kings Road off Hauser Road mud slide and tree washed onto road
Kings road edge is washed out where mud slide hit road
Apple Valley Shilling Road trees and washes
W6485 Schilling Road Driveway collapse around culvert
Culvert on Park Drive in Apple Valley ¼ of road has collapsed
Grayhawk Storm water pond washed out 30 x 20 deep x 60 long
Grayhawk and Raptor Drive culvert is undermined and sinking
Mudslide into ditch on Grayhawk
Shilling Road left side of road 6 x 4-5 deep x 300yards long washed out and undermining road about 3 feet
Winesap Road Right side washed out 3 x 2 x 60 feet
Gully washed at NASA landing (Onalaska Fire and Rescue at Schaffer’s landing)
T/O Shop back lot Midway
Homes in Midway have water running in (end of Second Street) Midway

Town of Holland
Wolfe Road is flooded but passable for the most part. 
Road closed on August Avenue.  The ditches filled up with water and went over the road.

Town of Burns
Hwy U  Open needing repair.
E Olson Road – some pavement washed away
Culpitt Road – some road shoulder and pavement washed away

Town of Medary
Smith Valley Road – Wash outs from mud slides onto the road, road buckling on shoulders
Hidden Springs Road, Wash outs/mud slides
Miller Road, Wash out/mud slides

The Sheriff Dept. closed County Road J (N5370) from 16 to Rockland

Reported by the County Highway Department

Impacted Bridges
• Closed
o CTH II over Bostwick Creek
o CTH JB over Dutch Creek
o CTH U over Fish Creek is NOW OPEN
o CTH J over the La Crosse River
• Overtopped requiring prompt evaluation as conditions allow.
o CTH G over Coon Creek
o Kale Road over Fish Creek
o Breidel Coulee over Mormon Creek
o Breidel Coulee over Branch of Mormon Creek.
o CTH G over Branch of Coon Creek.
• All Federally recognized bridges within La Crosse County will be inspected.
• A consultant has been secured to provide expertise on our bridges as needed.
Most Impacted County Trunk Highways (CTHs)
• CTH M north of STH 33 - Shoulders
• CTH VV north of CTH Q - Culvert
• CTH NN - Shoulders
• CTH AE - Shoulders
• CTH Q small structure near CTH C
• CTH ZN Shoulders
• CTH A Culverts and shoulders
• CTH C in vicinity of CTH A - roadway damage
• CTH II in vicinity of CTH I – roadway damage
• CTH B – Sinkhole in the Village of West Salem by the RR Crossing on CTH B.
Most impacted State Trunk Highways (STHs)
• STH 33 – Shoulders, washouts, drains plugged, mudslides and rock falls.
• STH 162 - Shoulders and mudslides.
• STH 108 - Shoulders.
• STH 16 - Mudslides.
• As the water recedes all culverts on both STHs and CTH swill be inspected.
• All bridges will be inspected, evaluated, and debris removed.
• All damage to shoulders, culverts, road surfaces, etc. will be repaired as promptly as possible starting immediately.
• A structural engineering consultant will be retained to assess damage bridges and design repairs.
• Repairs to bridges will be completed as quickly as process allows, in the meantime detours will be designated.


- Blue Angel Gymnastics Club in Galesville is closed through Sunday due to flooding
- NOW OPEN: Highway 95 near Blair in both directions from Highway 53 to the Jackson Co. line

Road closures due to flooding: According to the Sheriff's Office
County I at Eid Rd
County Rd C at Washington Coulee Rd
County Rd T at Artic Springs
Crystal Valley Rd
Silver Creek Rd
Dopp Rd
Hovre Ln
Truax Rd
County Rd DD at Quarry Ln
Soppa Rd
County Rd T Town of Arcadia
Myers Valley Rd
Jaszewski Rd
Lonestar Rd
Swede Valley Rd
Many of these roads are closed at this time due to water over the road, washouts, or trees blocking the road.
Everyone is working very hard to clear the roads and update the public, but be advised things can change quickly. Be vigilant of changing conditions.


Current roads that are closed due to flooding or damage at the present time: FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE:
 Lamplighter Rd
 Market Rd by Marjoram Rd
 Nett Ave by Nebraska Ave.
 Lamb Ave.

- State Hwy 27 from I-90 Interstate to Hwy 33 is NOW OPEN
- In the City of Sparta, Long Court has been evacuated. Portions of Walrath Street, Long Court and South Water are closed. Evan’s Bosshard Park and Ben Bikin Parks are under water. 8th Court Trailer Park on South K Street area is also encouraged to evacuate.
- A section of Jackpot Ave is under water and closed.
- Village of Ontario and the surrounding area to include Hwy 131 is mostly under water and closed.
- County Road CM closed
- Intersection of Icebox Road/Icon Roads closed
- Icarus Road closed


- WIS 88 near Cochrane at County O NOW OPEN
- Rose Valley Road in Town of Belvidere
- County O near the Golf Course in Cochrane
- Mudslides reported on Hwy 95 near Fountain City

Note from Buffalo Co. Officials (via facebook): "Numerous roads in the Southern half of Buffalo County have become impassible due to high water or mudslides. DO NOT ATTEMPT to drive over a flooded portion of any road that you encounter water crossing the road.!! DO NOT go around barricades in the roads."


- WIS 33 at WIS 131 at Ontario NOW OPEN
- WIS 80 at Pine Hill Road near Hillsboro is now OPEN
- WIS 162 at Depot St. in Chaseburg is now OPEN
- WIS 56 in Vernon County is now OPEN
- County Road P in Town of Coon -- water over road near Spring Coulee Rd
- County Rd P in Town of Forest -- water over road
- South St./Garden St. in Ontario -- water over road
- Tunnelville Rd in Town of Stark -- water over road
- Cedar Valley Rd closed in Bergen
- Hilltop Rd in Bergen Closed
- Mohawk Valley Rd in Bergen Closed
- North Main Street in Chaseburg Closed
- County Road P in Clinton closed
- E. Bloomingdale Road in Clinton Closed
- US Highway 14 in Coon Closed
- County Road P in Forest Closed
- County Road JJ Closed in Franklin
- Henrys Lane in Genoa closed
- Kuehn Road in Genoa closed
- South Bad Axe Road in Genoa closed
- Willenburg Road in Genoa closed
- Kolash Road in Greenwood closed
- Sunset Lane in Greenwood closed
- Hagen Lane in Hamburg closed
- Knudson Lane in Hamburg closed
- Koll Road in Hamburg closed
- Boat Landing Road in Jefferson closed
- Springville Road in Jefferson closed
- County Road T in Kickapoo closed
- State Hwy 131 in La Farge closed
- State Hwy 82 in La Farge closed
- State Hwy 56 in Liberty closed
- South St/Garden St in Ontario closed
- W. Charles St in Readstown - Bridge problem
- Cornell Rd in Stark closed
- County Rd D in Stark - Bridge problem
- Seelyburg Rd in Stark closed
- State Hwy 131 in Stark and Whitestown closed
- Tunnelville Rd in Stark closed
- Deaver Ln in Viroqua closed
- Lower Maple Dale Rd in Viroqua closed
- Maple Dale Rd in Viroqua closed
- S. Gilbertson Rd in Viroqua closed
- Seasbranch Rd in Viroqua closed
- Duck Creek Rd in Webster closed
- Haugrud Hollow Rd in Webster closed
- County Road F in Whitestown closed
- State Hwy 33 in Whitestown closed

- Highway 131 near Steuben closed (both directions) at County E/WIS 179 due to flooding
- WIS 131 at Pine St are closed due to flooding
- WIS 171 at Old Gays Road; all lanes blocked (both directions)


UPDATE: Highway 58 between US 14 & County BA: All lanes blocked due to flooding

WIS 131 in Viola at Kickapoo River closed (both lanes) NOW OPEN
WI 80 at County D in Richland Center NOW OPEN
WIS 56 in Viola at Kickapoo River closed (both directions)
County Hwy C just South of Yuba
County Hwy KK at Deep Well Lane
Intersection of County Hwy Q & E
Bohmann Drive
County Hwy I from Hwy 80 to II (Updated)
80 North of Rockbridge
County Hwy N & NN
County Hwy O & OO Intersection
County Hwy D to Woodstock
County Hwy G is washed out just below Washington School
State Hwy 130 at County Hwy T



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