Tomah fire leaves residents without a home

Fire leaves residents without a home

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) -- - The Tomah Fire Department responded to a fire yesterday afternoon. 

They were able to get the fire under control within hours, but the building was a loss. One resident said she is still processing the damage. 

"What I thought was going to be just a quick drive-by, and then I saw it was our building," Anderson said. "My stomach just dropped." 

It was just a normal day for Anderson, until she got a call asking if she was OK. 

The damage to the building was already done, but Anderson said it could have been a lot worse. 

"We're one of the luckier ones," Anderson said. "Our dogs made it out OK." 

The Tomah and Oakdale fire departments worked together to put the fire out. 

"They are always willing to help us out and we are always willing to help them out," said Chief Tim Adler, of the Tomah Fire Department. 

 Adler said he was glad they were able to keep everyone safe. 

"When it comes to human life that's the most valuable," Adler said. "We are going to do whatever we can to make sure people are safe." 

Oakdale volunteer firefighter Stan Dunn said there's a reason he puts his life on the line. 

"I think it's important and that's why I am there and I want to help people, that's the bottom line," Dunn said. 

Anderson said she is grateful for the fire crews who risked everything for the safety of the neighborhood. 

"I know that it's their job but to have that big of a heart to actually do that job is huge," Anderson said. 

Several people have reached out on social media wanting to donate. Anderson said its shows the kind of community she lives in. 

"It just shows there are a lot of good people in the world," Anderson said. "Complete strangers who are willing to set up these pages, that speaks volumes." 

Anderson said while she is not sure what she has lost, she is glad everyone is OK. 

"It's just stuff," Anderson said.  

She said there will come a time when she has to go back, open her door and see the aftermath of her memories. 

"It is definitely going to be hard," Anderson said. 

However, she is confident she will recover. 

"God willing, yeah, he has always got a plan," Anderson said. "Something (good) will happen." 

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