'The Bucket Project' carries compassion to local homeless population

'The Bucket Project' carries...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Melissa Reese didn't always have the perspective she has today, but a quick lesson into the reality of what it means to be homeless, changed her heart.

It all started when she was shopping at a store. She noticed a man who was homeless come inside of the store, set his bag down and then take a nap on one of the bean bags.

 "It just really struck a cord with me and made me realize that there's more to it then maybe I was seeing," Reese said.

She said witnessing this incident was a wake-up call for her that she was shopping for things she didn't need and decided she should do something to help those who have nothing.

Reese posted a status on Facebook expressing that she wanted to do something to help those who are homeless in our area.

After a few messages from others wanting to help too, The Bucket Project was born.

A few times a week Reese and five other members from the project go out to distribute buckets to the local homeless community.

The buckets have everything from food, to gloves and even garbage bags.

But the unique part is not every bucket is the same.

And perhaps that's the metaphor here, each person is fighting a different battle and maybe it takes a small bucket to make a big difference.

"For most people it's not a choice, it's a set of circumstances or falling through the cracks of the system," said Erin Jones, a project member.

To help out with the Bucket Project,  visit their Facebook page titled 'The Bucket Project' by entering the name in the search bar on Facebook.


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