Some Trempealeau residents say it's worst flooding they've ever seen

Some Trempealeau residents say it's worst flooding they've ever seen

DODGE, Wis. (WKBT) -- - About 20 residents in the town of Dodge in Trempealeau County have been displaced by flooding, according to the town’s fire department.

Several residents are at risk of losing their houses and belongings.

Several of the streets in Dodge are completely underwater near the Trempealeau River.

Multiple buildings are now inaccessible, and one local farmer, Mike Hoesley, said the floodwaters are threatening to destroy his produce.

"I never thought I'd ever see water like this down here on this farm," Hoesley said.

Hoesley said the flooding on his field started a couple of days ago.

"All the water melting from the rain we had, it's just more than we can handle,” Hoesley said.

Between the rain and snow melting from the surrounding hillside, Hoesley estimates there's easily three feet worth of water on his farm.

"It just came so much so fast that this is the worst we've ever seen,” Hoesley said.

As of now, his corn and grain haven't been affected, but that will change if the water rises any higher.

"It's been going up since yesterday. Hopefully it will stay cool at night so it slows the melting down,” Hoesley said.

Even worse, Hoesle’s dad, David Hoesley, said the farm's cows are also in danger and they can't easily be rescued.

"We have cattle below and they're still in the water, but they're going to be OKbecause we've got the sheds there that they can go into,” David Hoesley said.

Sill, the Hoesleys say they have it better than a lot of their neighbors who are losing their houses.

"The town is getting the brunt of it, I think,” Hoesley said.

Several of the streets near the Trempealeau River are completely flooded, leaving many of the town's buildings uninhabitable, but no matter how bad the flooding gets, Hoesley says the town will get through it.

"I think we're going to be OK. Everybody just helps each other out always in a time like this. Everybody just pulls together,” Hoesley said.

To help those residents displaced by flooding, the Red Cross is operating an emergency shelter in Arcadia.

That shelter is located in the basement of the Holy Family Catholic Church, at 223 Maple ST.

The shelter will remain open until at least tomorrow.

It has blankets, cots, food and water. Volunteers say everyone is welcome to their supplies, even if they're not spending the night.

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