Search warrants for Beaver Dam apartment sealed 'so as to not alert potential co-actors,' judge says

Warrant authorized March 5

BEAVER DAM, Wis. - Search warrants related to the investigation into an apartment said to be full of chemicals and explosives have been sealed by a Dodge County judge, News 3 has learned. 

The explosion at 109 Knaup Drive happened March 5, and court documents obtained by News 3 show a court-ordered a search warrant and its resulting findings were sealed on March 6. 

Judge Steven Bauer ordered the seal "for the protection of the investigation so as not to alert potential co-actors of the ongoing investigation and its findings." 



Beaver Dam police have released few details about the man found dead inside the apartment after the initial explosion, and no motive has been released. They have also not explained what type of chemicals or explosives were in the complex that caused them to initially hold a controlled detonation of the apartment and announce Sunday that they intended to burn the building down.

Stay tuned to News 3 and for more on this developing story. 

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