Rep. Ron Kind meets with farmers ahead of bill vote

STODDARD, Wis. - Farmers and other community members met with an area state representative to discuss changes to the farm bill. Representative Ron Kind (D-Wisconsin) announced his farm bill priorities report on Monday. 

The report includes changes in dairy labeling, crop insurance reform and lowering costs for new farmers.With a different version of the bill in the Senate, Kind says he is optimistic about the proposals. 

"Some of the concerns I have been raising through amendments and other ideas that I am offering are being addressed in the senate version. And even if the senate can't get something produced, with in a certain time period, we have something that we always fall back on called a continuing resolution," Rep. Kind said. 

Representative Kind also called for "sensible" negotiation of trade agreements with Mexico and Canada. Comments by President Donald Trump have caused tariff increases for a wide variety of goods. 

Tim Servais, the owner of the farm where Rep. Kind made the announcement, expressed concerns over a tariff trade war. 

"The millions and millions of pounds of stuff that gets exported- that's a huge player in our market. And if we lose those markets because of a trade war, that's going to be detrimental to our industry because there will be repercussions coming back to the family farm," said Tim Servais, an organic dairy farmer. 

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on the 2018 Farm Bill in May and it did not pass. Another vote is expected by June 22.

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