Program helps promote youth women's hockey

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) - After the recent success of the USA women's hockey team, some in our area are trying to encourage female participation in ice hockey.

On Sunday, the Omni Center hosted an event to help grow girls hockey. Girls ages 4 to 14 were invited to come learn how to skate in the morning, and learn how to play hockey in the afternoon. Free ice skates and hockey equipment were available for all who attended.

Organizers say many successful women's hockey players have come from our area and the most important part is learning early.

"Do some digging. Make some connections. There has to be something out there for young girls in the area. Just getting out there on the ice, learning how to skate, that's a huge part of it. And then taking that next step to maybe join a team. That would kind of be my advice," said former Wisconsin Badger hockey player Lauren Meuer.


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